To provide service excellence and personal attention to every shipment
with the same dedication and care as if it were our own.
An African safari is an experience never to be forgotten, memories of which will last a lifetime and something to be cherished
and remembered for years to come. The fruits of the hunt are hard-earned and deserve the respect and care to preserve
their memories. They are recreated and brought back to life through the magic and artistry of a seasoned taxidermist.
These heirlooms are the legacy of your African safari. Our legacy is to provide exceptional customer care, passionate service
and excellence, as we prepare, pack and move your prized trophies across the globe, as if they were our own.
Owner and Managing Director, Brett Pidduck

African Legacy Logistics is a family owned and run business, situated in South Africa, the heart of the African hunting industry. Personalised enough to provide dedicated attention and care to each and every customer and shipment, yet through its extensive logistics network and partners, able to secure the best rates & service in the industry. We share your passion of hunting, the outdoors, wildlife and understand the precious nature of your cargo.

We specialise and deal exclusively in the processing, preparation, packing and moving of hunting trophies and related products across the globe. Together with our dedicated team and partners, African Legacy Logistics will eliminate the stressful process of bringing your trophies home. We can also assist with any additional items and souvenirs obtained along the dusty road of your African adventure. No job is too big or small, ask us and we can assist.

Owner and Managing Director, Brett Pidduck, has been an avid hunter and has a deep seated passion for the African bush since childhood. Brett has over 16 years experience in the Supply Chain and Logistics arena and holds a BCom Honours Degree in Supply Chain and Logistics Management and a BA Honours Degree in Tourism Development. He is familiar with and has had exposure to the taxidermy process and industry, as well as shipping of hunting trophies for many years and is actively involved in the management and operations pertaining to each and every shipment.

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