1.Customer file with all supporting documentation and consignment details is forwarded to us 3-6 months before completion of work by the taxidermist.
2.All documentation received is checked for accuracy and completeness. The following documentation is required by our authorities for export applications:
a.Copy of the PH Hunting Register (original on request).
b.P3 exemption letter (details of where the hunt took place).
c.Land owner’s permission to hunt letter.
d.If a TOPS or Cites species is hunted a hunting permit is also required, before the export permit can be issued. Please note: The date on both the export permit and PH register must correspond.
e.If any Cites I species are part of the consignment, an import permit is required before the export permit will be issued.
3.Once all documentation is in order, we apply for an export permit from the relevant Provincial Nature Conservation Office where the trophies are being processed. If a hunt took place in another province, we first need to obtain verification from this province that the hunt took place legally and submit this with our pack to the processing province. Standard permits usually take 15 working days from time of submission. Cites permits usually take 30 working days from time of submission. However, both can take much longer depending on backlogs and supporting documentation that may be needed.
4.Once permits have been issued, we check all details on the issued permits and match this to the taxidermy packing list and information provided. If any changes are required, we will send the permit back for amendment until all information is correct.
5.Contact is made by the taxidermist when shipment is ready for collection and a collection date is booked.
6.We will then go to the taxidermy premises to crate and pack the shipment for export. Trophies to be exported are measured and a suitable crate built to the required size. All trophies are then secured to the walls or supports of the crate and packaged to prevent any damage during their journey home.
7.Once inside the crate, contents are checked against the packing list. A representative from the taxidermy is part of the checking party and signs off that all items are packed in the crate and sealed.
8.The consignment is then transported by road to Johannesburg and checked into the warehouse.
9.A final costing is sent to the client with shipment routing and payment details.
10.Once routing and method of shipment has been decided, a destination clearing agent is appointed (if required) and the shipment details as well as copies of all documentation are forwarded onto them to check before departure.
11.The clearing agent will check all documentation and advise whether any additional documentation or requirements are needed.
12.Once payment is made and all paperwork is in order the consignment is booked onto the next available departure and transported to port of exit, where it is loaded for flight/shipment.
13.Transit times will vary based on the mode of transport selected. Air freight transit times are typically 3 to 5 days while sea voyages are between 27 & 35 days.
14.Once your consignment arrives at the destination port of entry, the appointed clearing agent or yourself will clear the shipment through customs and the relevant authorities.
15.Shipment is either delivered directly to your premises or can be collected from the clearing agent. Your trophies are safely home and can be enjoyed for many years to come!
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