"The difference between mediocrity and excellence is attention to detail". Sabastian J Barbarito
We are dedicated to offering excellent service through living the above ethos. We are here to streamline the
process of moving your prized trophies across the globe seamlessly and we offer the following services:
Preparation of all import/export documentation and permits is done in conjunction with the taxidermy process many months before completion, ensuring that once the trophies are finished and ready for export, there are no further delays in getting your trophies home to you. We work closely with the relevant provincial Government departments to ensure all paperwork is in order and that the required export documentation is issued timeously. This documentation is checked at all stages of the journey to prevent any delays or hold-ups due to inaccurate or incomplete documentation.
Once the taxidermist has finished the mounting process or readied the dip & ship consignment, we will send a dedicated team to site to pack and crate your shipment.
Utmost care is taken to package and protect goods adequately for transport while at the same time minimizing the crate size to save you money. Alongside the taxidermist all crates are checked for quality and contents scrutinized before being sealed. Finished crates are then transported back to the warehouse in Johannesburg for short term storage until the flight or sea voyage is finalized.
The timber used to build our crates is ISPM 15 accredited and complies with international export and packing requirements.
Furthermore, we believe in building our crates to stringent standards and therefore use stronger and more durable grades of timber in the packing process.
Once the shipment has been safely packaged and transported to the warehouse a finalised costing will be sent to you, accompanied with routing and transportation options based on the final destination. The majority of shipments are sent via airfreight due to the shorter transit times, reduced handling, reduced risk and accessibility of major airports. However, where larger shipments are concerned and a port is available, a sea freight option will also be prepared and sent for your consideration. Once the quotation is accepted, payment is received and all documentation is in order, your shipment will be booked on the next available airfreight or ocean freight departure. We will provide an update on the status of the shipment at each leg of the journey, as well as a tracking number so you can track the shipment at your convenience.
In order to get your shipment cleared and where required moved from the destination port to your final address, we strongly recommend that a clearing agent be appointed to facilitate this process. Hunting trophy clearing agents specialize in the process of clearing your shipment through the relevant customs and wildlife authorities situated at major destination ports. We have an extensive network of such agents available in each destination and are happy to recommend one based on their expertise and track record with hunting trophy consignments.
The clearing process can also be done by yourself, and in this case we will forward all necessary documentation through to you to enable a speedy clearance process.
The final choice remains yours and we will forward the paperwork and shipment accordingly to your agent of choice.
Insurance – in order to protect your consignment from loss or damage while it is in transit, we recommend that insurance cover is taken out. We will gladly arrange this on your behalf and can provide you with a suggested insurance value for your consignment. We will arrange all necessary cover with our insurance broker before your consignment departs from South Africa.
Import documentation – certain Cites species require an import permit from the destination country before an export permit can be issued. We will notify you in advance if one is required for your shipment and provide you with supporting documentation that will assist in ensuring your import application is successful.
Imports and Re-export – where a hunt has taken place across multiple African countries and the trophies are required to be consolidated at a central point (e.g. taxidermist), we will gladly assist with the necessary import documentation and the movement of trophies across African borders to a central point. From here, once mounting or dip & ship processes are complete, the export process can begin to send the trophies through to their final destination.
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